Portfolio Second Opinion - A Free Service Offered by Schorpp Capital Management

You've been having a series of headaches and chronic stomach pain. You know something is wrong, Yet, after a checkup you're told that everything is fine. Most of us would be inclined to seek out a second opinion.

However, when the above encounter is with your financial advisor pertaining to your investment plan as opposed to a doctor regarding your health, people tend to simply continue on with an inadequate financial blueprint that can likely guide their retirement years to an early grave. It is critical you take as much care to ensure long lasting financial health as you do your physical health.

The financial advisory business has become increasingly complicated for the public over the years as the lines between various financial professionals has become blurred. We now have some CPAs and attorneys selling investment products and insurance - professionals positioning themselves as financial advisors.  Furthermore, some advisors represent Broker-Dealers (Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney etc.) and operate under a suitability standard, while others known as Registered Investment Advisers (RIA) are held to the higher fiduciary standard.

It's confusing to know where to go for a second opinion. That is why Schorpp Capital Management is here to help you find your way. There are clear and simple steps to follow. It is important to have a clear understanding of what you want to gain from your meeting(s).  Some simple ideas could be,

  • What are your qualifications?  
  • How am I getting charged?
  • What documentation is necessary to bring for evaluation?
  • Will I receive a side by side comparison of what I currently have and what would be recommended?  Ask to see a sample report.

Just as you wouldn't expect a doctor to perform surgery or prescribe medication without knowing your medical history, you can't expect to get quality financial advice if you are not willing to disclose your private information. Perhaps you'd rather not mention your 1,000 shares of Google in fear they may suggest you liquidate, you would be doing yourself a disservice and hindering your plan.  Transparency on the part of both the client and the advisor should be the foundation of any successful working relationship.

If you would like a free second opinion on your financial plan contact Schorpp Capital Management at 732-387-2054