Why College Planning

Why use Professional Financial and Educational College Consulting?


Schorpp Capital Management is regarded as the premier college funding advisory company in the state of NJ.  We advise families, regardless of income, on how to best pay for their fair share of the cost of college.  You can not rely on the high school counselor for financial expertise, that's not their area of knowledge. Let's consider your current financial planner, if you happen to be using one.  Do they know the difference between need based financial aid and merit based financial aid?  Do they understand the different avenues to fund college, other than 529 plans, retirement savings, and traditional educational loans?  A student's family requires individualized attention and direction to gain the knowledge they deserve to maximize cost opportunities.  As it is, the college admissions process is increasingly competitive and complex.  

What services would we offer to help families with this expensive and complicated situation,

  • Calculate Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Provide planning recommendations to reduce EFC
  • Provide recommendations for the best way to pay your share of college costs
  • Provide cost-efficient borrowing strategies to help keep financial goals in line while implementing cash flow strategies for the college years and beyond, to retirement
  • Provide complete financial overview on college, cash flow, retirement and develop a plan to improve each area
  • Provide strategies that legally protect your savings & retirement accounts from the Financial Aid Formulas
  • Counsel on financial aid awards