What is Plan for Both?

Working with families of high school students, Plan for Both means families that are sending children to college have unique financial challenges. Schorpp Capital Management has many years of experience planning for these challenges; College and Retirement. The first step in the process is to evaluate the families' needs and determine whether what we offer is a good fit.

Once we both determine our relationship is a good fit, we begin the planning for the college experience. We want to position the family financially to receive the maximum amount of financial assistance. Then we help the families determine which schools could potentially give the student more need based aid then others. Next, we want to position the student for schools that will give him or her the most merit based aid. Last, using our years of experience, we develop a detailed plan on how best the family can meet the financial burden of sending their children to college.

The next phase of Plan for Both is analyzing how the family is positioned for retirement. No family can be ready for retirement until they have solved the problem on how they are going to pay for college. At Schorpp Capital we expertly prepare a plan to pay for college then offer investment management and financial planning to bring the final phase of the plan to life.